The Wallet Shop - Win a CROSSING LUGGAGE worth $209 Each!!!

Closing Date: 30th September 2010
Contest Source: The Wallet Shop FB page
Contest Type:

Prize: a Crossing Luggage worth $209 (x1)


Join by becoming a fan on The Wallet Shop Facebook page

Step 2:

- Email to us at your particulars:

Name, Age, Date of Birth, Address and Contact No

- Attach a picture of yourself posing with the wallet / accessories / bag that you have bought from The Wallet Shop

- Caption in less than 50 words why you love The Wallet Shop

Step 3:

Get your friends to be a fan on our Facebook page! Winners of this contest will be determined by the no of 'like' on the posted image. So the more friends you get to join and 'like' the submitted image, the greater your chances of winning!

A bit troublesome la this contest... but might worth your try. Don't forget you still need to purchase one wallet or something from them.. in order to participate.

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Good chance.


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