F&N Sparkling – SHINee World Power

Do a Tribute and Win Tickets to the 10 Sep Concert!

What’s a debut concert without a bevy of adoring fans? Calling all ShaWols! Are you Singapore’s number one SHINee fan?

Show us that you are by making the best SHINee fan tribute music video in the SHINee World Power Contest by F&N and you will see your tribute played at their first concert in Singapore!

Simply create a video of you and your friends performing SHINee’s music - you could dress up like SHINee, copy their dance moves, sing a cover of a SHINee song, or simply lipsync! Do at least one of this in a tribute music video and you’ll qualify – even better if you can do all of it!

Have fun and show SHINee that you are their biggest fan!

Submission Deadline on 7 Sep.

F&N Seasons – World of Positivity

Win $50 worth of Delifrance Vouchers!

Life got you down?

Escape with us into a world that’s bright and brimming with positivity! http://www.fnnseasons.com.sg/ – where bluebirds tweet, islands float among the clouds, and rainbows abound!

Once you’ve been recharged, play our Facebook game at http://www.facebook.com/fnnseasons?sk=app_228514717179988

Contest ends 11 Sep.

BRAND’S Blur or Not – Alertness Detective Contest

Win a 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect!

Every week, the BRAND’S® Alertness Detective Facebook game pits 2 sides against each other in a contest of alertness.Each side is challenged to find examples of the other side’s blur moments!

Men vs Women, Left vs Right brainers, Singles vs Lovebirds – Who will come out on top?Support your side by sharing a story, a photo, or a video depicting the blur moment of the other side.

Your submission might just let you win an Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect!Play the game at http://www.facebook.com/blurornot?sk=app_251116814913085

Singapore National Day 2011- Snap & Win

Click here to find out more.

SPH NDP Contest- Win 20 iPad 2

Contest Period: 1-14 August 2011
Click here to enter contest.