Seventeen Magazine contest - The Wallet Shop Goodies to be Won!

Closing Date: 17th October 2010
Contest Source: Seventeen Magazine (Should be October Issue)
Contest Type:

Prize: One of the Wallet or Purse in the picture above (depends on what you choose)

Simply tell them which item you want and they will put you into a draw. Simple as that.

We apologise that the picture above is a bit blur, but all products are from OZOZOsac. U may flip through the magazine if you happen to pass by any magazine section in bookstores or 7-eleven so that u can have a clearer look at the wallets/purses.

Email the item you want to with your Name, Address, Contact No., NRIC, Age, DOB and occupation.
Subject header: Oct "10 Free Stuff!"

Good luck!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Average


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