Class 95’s 20th anniversary- Win $20,000 [17Sept10]

Closing Date: 17th Sept 2010
Contest Source: Class 95
Contest Type: SMS

Prize: $20,000 in 20 days!

It’s Class 95’s 20th anniversary! In honour of that, we’re giving away $20,000 in 20 days!

Date: 23 August – 17 September 2010

How to take part:
1) Get your hands on your very own serialised Class Tee (please see below on how)
2) Tune in to Class 95 from 8am every (week)day and listen out for the serial number announced
3) If your serial number is announced, sms in within the hour.
4) If you have the right serial number (tee), we’ll call you back to tell you that you’ve won $1,000 in cold hard cash!
sms CLASS (space) the serial number on your tee (space) name
to 72346 for 30 cents

If no one SMSes in within the hour, another serial number will be read out for the next hour, so on and so forth till 11pm until a winner is found!

NB. Should there not be a winner that day, the prize money will snowball to the next day.
After a winner is found for the day, we are opening the phone lines for your chance to get your hands on a Class Tee too!

Simply listen out for the cue to call and be the first caller in! Now you have the chance of winning $1,000 in cash too!

Collection of prize:
Winner must bring the serialised Class Tee to MediaCorp for proof of ownership along with his/her NRIC (original and a photocopy). NRIC must correspond to the NRIC number that was given to the DJ.

For rules and regulations of this contest, please click here.
The Class Tee contest is presented by Lenovo.

How to get your hands on your Class Tee…

Click here to find out!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Maybe


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