The Straits Times - URBAN - Egg Maternity Pregnant Model Search 2010! [30Sep2010]

Closing Date: 30th September 2010
Contest Source: The Straits Times|URBAN leaflet, 13th August 2010
Contest Type: Competition

The winner will be flown to Auckland, New Zealand from anywhere in the country or the globe and get to strut her stuff in a professional photo shoot to become poster-girl for the upcoming EGG All Seasons Winter 2011 catalogue and accompanying advertising.
- receive a $1000 EGG wardrobe and a full set of images to treasure from the photo shoot.
*Flights, accommodation, meals and transport during the photo shoot will be provided by EGG.
Click Here to find out more!

Calling all mums-to-be who are between 6-8 mths pregnant to take part in the Egg Maternity Pregnant Model Search 2010.

DARE to challenge yourself?

Refer to the above picture to find out more! :)

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Maybe


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