Timberland SG - Guess Who's Their Earthkeeping Hero & Win! [29Aug2010]

Closing Date: 29th August 2010, 2359H
Contest Source: Timberland FB page
Contest Type:
Grand Prize - All-expense paid trip to (dunno where) meet Timberland's Celebrity Earthkeeping Hero in person. This includes 2 return air tickets and a 1-night stay in a hotel of choice of The Timberland Company only.
Consolation Prizes - Footwear from Timberland Earthkeepers range (x9 pairs) *Subject to availability and size

Simply guess who's their Celebrity Earthkeeper Hero and Win!

Clues would be given every week on their FB page. No limit to the number of guesses you make, simply be a fan by clicking "Like" on their Fan Page and start guessing today!

Winners will be annouced on their Facebook Wall on 3rd September.


Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Slim


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