8 Days - SMS Contest!

Closing Date: 22nd August 2010
Contest Source: 8 Days No. 1035
Contest Type:

Prize: Poster, Shoe Bag, Multi-purpose knife and a pair of The Expendables movie tickets (x10 sets)
First 5 entries receive an exclusive watch from Police. (lol... from Police? :P)
Guess its abit late now. Just past 1 hr from 12mn on 19 Aug. Apologise if this comes abit too late.

Prize: 2 posters, Frisbees and a pair of Gala Premier tickets to Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of the Kitty Galore (x25 sets)
Apologise for making ur head tilt to the left. I took this pic with my iPhone and no matter wad i can't make it straight trying all means. sorry bout it.. but still clear enough to see la hor.. Most importantly is can see and can win.. can already! :)

Prize: a pair of Heartbreaker movie tickets and $200 Body Contour treatment voucher (x15)

Simply refer to the pictures above to participate in the respective contest - u may click on the picture to enlarge for better view.

Good luck!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Average


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