STOMP- Win exclusive Eason Chan and Angela Chang giveaways [25 Oct 09]

Closing Date: 31 October 2009
Contest Source: Stomp website
Contest Type:

Prize: 5 singles of Angela Chang’s白白的, and 5 notebooks and 5 11-song demo CD of Eason Chan’s, courtesy of Universal Music.

1) If you want the Angela Chang giveway, just answer this question:

Question: Name 5 songs from the latest album [The 5th Season].
  1. 第五季
  2. 白白的
  3. 看得最遠的地方
  4. 幸運之吻
  5. 搖擺頭

2) For the Eason Chan prizes, answer this question:

Question: Name the only English track in Eason Chan’s latest album [The Bliss in going up the 5th Floor]
Answer: Nothing Ever Happened

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Contest Empire's Ratings
Prize worth winning or not: 7/10
Winning Chance: Maybe


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