The Fortis Gentleman Photography Contest [20 Dec 09]

Closing Date: 20th December 2009
Contest Source: Fortis Watch Singapore FB page
Contest Type:

1. 1st Prize Fortis Limited Edition IQ Watch
2. 1st Runner-up An exclusive Fortis Leather Jacket (Free size)
3. 2nd Runner-up Yet to be confirmed.
4. 5 Consolation prizes of Fortis umbrellas

How to take part ?
1) Take photos to illustrate what a Fortis gentleman ought to do / never do / should be like.

2) Apart from submitting your photo(s), add a caption in the registration form starting with “The Fortis Gentleman…… (followed by your phrase)”

E.g. The Fortis Gentleman is not afraid to get his hands dirty
E.g. The Fortis Gentleman is an animal lover
E.g. The Fortis Gentleman takes time off to enjoy himself

For more details and to take part in this competition, Email and request for a registration form at:

Contest Empire's Ratings
Prize worth winning or not: 6/10
Winning Chance: Slim


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