Schroders - Smart Money Quiz [30 Nov 09]

Closing Date: 30th November 2009
Contest Source: Schroders website
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Prize: Apple iPod Shuffles (x40)

Simply answer all the 10 questions correctly and Stand a chance to Win one of the 40 iPod Shuffles Here!

Here are the answers to the Questions that may be asked.

1. What is the first step towards smart investing?

C. Set Clear Goals

2. The longer you stay invested for, the _____ the chance you will achieve positive returns and the ____ the chance you will lose money.

B. higher, lower

3. Which of the following has the most negative impact on your savings over the years?

A. Inflation Rates

4. How can an investor reduce investment risk?

C. By diversifying within asset classes and between asset classes

5. What are 'company shares' also known as?

B. Equities

6. What plan does Schroders offer to enable you to benefit from Dollar Cost Averaging?

C. Regular Savings Plan

7. Historically, poor performance years in markets are often followed by ________.

B. significant market rises

8. Which of these are NOT asset classes?

C. Mutual Funds

9. Equities offer the potential for relatively higher returns if you stay invested over the _______.

C. Long term (5 - 10 years)

10. What is the benefit of diversification?

B. Reduced overall risk

11. What is the risk of adopting a 'market timing' strategy?

C. Locking in losses suffered in a fall, while missing out on gains when markets pick up

12. What is another term for 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'?

C. Diversification

13. What is the benefit of Dollar Cost Averaging?

A. Lower overall cost of investing over time

Good luck! :)

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