"Learning Moments with F&N Magnolia" Video Contest

Nurturing the joy of learning is probably the greatest gift a parent can give to her child. These learning moments often form our dearest memories. When our child learns to take his first step, or when she coos “mummy or daddy” for the first time, we eagerly capture these memories on video as keepsakes, showing them off proudly. These bonds forged when we nurture our children last for a lifetime. To celebrate the joy of learning and nurturing our children, F&N MAGNOLIA invites parents to take part in the Learning Moments with F&N MAGNOLIA video contest.

The video entry contest can be found on the Magnolia Facebook page at


Contest Requirements:

Submit a video, up to a minute long featuring a “learning moment”.

Winners will be selected by 40% popularity vote and 60% judges' choice. The winning entries will be chosen by the judges based on the following criteria: Fun, Nurturing & Creativity & Learning

Contest Duration:

Round 1 is ending soon, but feel free to vote for the current entries.

Submit your videos in round 2 which lasts from May 1 to May 31 2011

All votes for Round 2 videos must be submitted by: May 31, 2011 by 11.59pm


1st - $2000 cash and $200 hamper

2nd - $1000 cash and $100 hamper

3rd - $500 cash and $50 hamper


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