Fist of Dragon- Win iPad 2

Plot Outline:
"Fist of Dragon" tells the story of Li, who comes to South East Asia by the request of his father to help out his uncle who has been facing financial difficulties. Li, upon arriving in the town, feels out of place due to the differences in cultures of the people here. When he discovers that his uncle has been facing many hardships posed by the local mobsters, Li decided to stay and to help his uncle and get rid of them. However, Li encounter numerous resistances from the locals as Li's action brings the wrath of the triad and drags the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, his uncle's daughter, Lily is on the triad side, and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the two groups reach its peak.


影片剧情讲述来自中国的李被父亲派去帮忙居住在一个偏僻小镇的叔叔解决他财务上的问题。 当李发现原来叔叔的问题是来自黑帮, 决定留下来帮他铲除这些流氓。

Fiona Xie, Henry Thia, Wang Xiao Chen, Michael Chuah

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