Mediacorpradio- win a Canon Powershot SX 120IS worth $500 [13Dec09]

Closing Date: 13th December 2009
Contest Source: Mediacorpradio
Contest Type:
SMS, Movie

Which photo best describes your idea of fun? Which is the photo that puts a smile on your face?Vote for your favourite photo now, and if that photo has the most votes, you stand to win a Canon Powershot SX 120IS worth $500!

Click Here for the 16 shortlisted photos.

To vote, SMS to 72346 in the following format:
[powershot] space [photo code] space [Name & NRIC]

e.g. to vote for P1, sms: powershot P1 Tan Ah Kow S1234568A
Each SMS costs $0.20.

Contest Empire's Comments
Prize worth winning or not: 7/10
Winning Chance: Maybe. Good luck!


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