AsiaOne Motoring Contest - My Car Photo [16Dec09]

Closing Date: 16th December 2009
Contest Source: AsiaOne website
Contest Type: Photo

Winner of each category - $500 worth of premium food and shopping vouchers, plus a free Wax and Shine service at QuickLane for your car! (3 categories)
Consolation prizes - $50 food or shopping vouchers will be given out (x10)

All you need to do is to submit a photo of your wheels, along with yourself, family, dogs and kitties, child seats for the correct category. There are 3 categories namely the (A) Classic Car, (B) Family mover and (C) Hot rods.

Give your photo a witty, funny or just plain lame header and caption too.

Then get your entire clan and friends to vote for them. And the one with the most number of votes win!

Good Luck!

Contest Empire's Comments
Prize worth winning or not: 8/10
Winning Chance: Depends.. maybe.
Comment: No one entered the Classic Car category yet, if you have one dont wait anymore.. go enter in this category! :)


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