Tell us where to find BESTROTI-PRATA & win Dinning Voucher

Tell where to find the best ROTI-PRATA by showing them your recommendation in a photo submission. The entry with the most votes walks away with $100 THE GARDEN SLUG dining vouchers for an awesome feast with friends and family!

How to submit your photo:

1. Log in to NS Portal and go to this page. (Register if you are not a member yet. It's free.)

2. Click 'Reply' and upload a photo of the restaurant/stall name or the Roti-Prata dish using the 'Attach Files' option.

3. Tell us the location and why you think it’s unbeatable in Singapore.

Get hunting for the best ROTI-PRATA now! This Food Challenge closes on November, Monday, at 12PM. Voting will begin right after the challenge closes.

You stand to win 
 $100 THE GARDEN SLUG dining vouchers if your submission receives the most votes. 

Start hunting now!

Terms & Conditions

1. This contest applies only to NS Portal members who have joined the Lifestyle Programme. Sign up if you are not yet a lifestyle member.
2. Submit as many recommendations as you like under the Food Challenge of the week thread. Submissions will be closed one week after the start of the Food Challenge.
3. Every recommendation should be posted in a new entry. Each recommendation stands to be voted for the best of Food Challenge.
4. Each entry should include a photo of the food and restaurant/stall name, a description about the food, and a supporting reason for recommending the dish.
5. Voting for photo submissions begins after the photo submissions are closed for the week. Voting will take place for one week.
6. Winners will be announced in the Forum and in our Contests Result page one week after the end of every Food Challenge.
7. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and/ or other items.

8. NS Portal reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without any prior notice.9. Decisions by NS Portal are final. 


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