Viewers’ Choice 2011

Let’s face it! A great commercial is like icing on the cake for great shows. Instead of waiting for ads to finish before continuing with the show, more viewers are looking out for commercials with a fresh twist that could make them smile or pull on their heartstrings.

Just think. In the year 2011, weren’t there at least one or two commercials that caught your attention? Wasn’t there at least one commercial that made you snigger in your seat and choke on your TV dinner? Wasn’t there at least one commercial that made you shed a tear in the least expected way?

Action time! Well if those commercials entertained you in any way, you could return the favour. And here’s how. MediaCorp is running its Viewers’ Choice 2011 competition; it’s picked the cream of the crop for both locally and internationally produced commercials and left the fate of the winners in your hands.

How so? It’s simple! Here’s where the magic happens - you can now check out the Top 20 videos and vote instantly for your fave via Facebook!

Just head to the MediaCorp Viewers’ Choice Facebook page Here , access the Facebook App instead and effortlessly vote from there.

On top of that, you get to entertain yourself even more by watching some fantastic commercials you may have missed out before. Share it with your friends and hope they win from the generous pool of $22,000 in cash prizes too! The earlier you start voting, the better your chances of getting a shot at winning coz every voter gets TEN votes PER DAY, all the way up to 25th Mar. Every single vote counts as all would be snowballed!

Check out the cash pool:

1st Prize: S$10,000
2nd Prize: S$5,000
3rd Prize: S$2,000
10 Consolation Prizes: S$500

One of the current hot contenders from MOE simply called ‘Mrs Chong’- I can understand why my friends are talking about it. The characters in this commercial nailed it. Totally made me tear …

Then there’s that little something you could give back to our creative industry. By letting the producers/actors/scriptwriters and all others involved in the production process know that you appreciate their creative input and hard work, you’ll be encouraging them to come up with fresher, brighter and edgier commercials that will continue to liven up your viewing experience.


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