Deck the Halls with F&N‏- win a F&N Happy Holidays Party

Deck the Halls with F&N

Win an F&N Happy Holidays Party worth $500 from F&N Sparkling Drinks

Double the value of that party with F&N SEASONS!

The holidays are here,

To spread the festive cheer,

Deck the halls with F&N

And win a fabulous party!

F&N is giving away four exciting ways to party this festive season. Appealing to all lifestyles - from the sporty outdoors to a pampering spa day in - win a F&N Happy Holidays Party by simply enjoying everyone favorite party drink, F&N Sparkling Drinks! Up to $42,000 worth of prizes stand to be won in the F&N “Happy Holidays”promotion.

Four Different Types of Parties Up For Grabs

1) Outdoor Party: Who says a party needs to be in doors? This party is about the beach, sun, and glorious waves. Sure to satiate all extreme sports fans, each winner of an Outdoor Party walks away with $500 worth of Wavehouse Vouchers. This party is definitely going to be fun-filled with screams of exhilaration. 12 of these Outdoor Parties are up for grabs.

2) Spa Party: Not quite the outdoorsy type? No sweat, relax in the luxurious comforts of the exquisite Aramsa Spa. With 10 Spa Parties (worth $500 each) to be won, your closest BFFs will squeal with delight when they receive an invite to this Spa Party.

3) VIP Party: If you’re more about dancing the night away, then try for a VIP Party to win $500 worth of Zouk vouchers to fuel your rave night. 10 VIP Parties are up for grabs and whoever wins them will definitely be the envy of the bevy.

4) Sing Along Party: If your idea of celebrating is singing along with friends, then you will definitely want to win one of the 10 Sing Along Parties up for grabs. With $500 worth of Karaoke vouchers per Sing Along Party, you and your friends can sing to your hearts content.

How to Win?

Winning an F&N Happy Holidays Party is simple. Collect the bottle labels or barcodes of F&N Sparkling Drinks or other participating F&N products (F&N SEASONS, 100PLUS, ZESTAby F&N, or F&N Fruit Tree).

For one chance to win, submit two 1.5L bottle labels or one barcode from a 6-can variety pack. For two chances to win, submit one barcode from a 12-can variety pack. Submit the labels with your name (as in NRIC), NRIC No., home address, contact number and email address to “F&N “Happy Holidays!”Promotion, F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd,214 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128405” by 5pm December 29, 2011 to be eligible for the draw.

As an added gift, F&N SEASONS will double the value of each party if the winning entry is also submitted with a special festive promotional coupon. This means the value of the party won would be $1000! This coupon is only available from the F&N SEASONS ambassadors, who will be giving away little sips of positivity around the island in a nationwide sampling activity.


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