ADIDAS - Are you a Fan of the World Cup? [18Jul2010]

Closing Date: 18th July 2010
Contest Source: Adidas
Contest Type:


4 Weekly prizes - 1 jersey (choose 1 from Germany, Spain, France, Japan or Argentina) + 1 mini ball
1 Grand prize - 1 Adidas World Cup Backpack + 1 Jabulani mini ball + 1 Authentic Federation kit (choose 1 from South Africa, Argentina, Spain or France)

Answer 3 simple Questions.

Q1: Name the fast player in the Light Speed video shown below.
Answer: Should be Lionel MESSI

Q2: What is the weight of the F50 adizero?
Answer: 165 g

Q3: How far do you think the team (based on choice in step 1) will progress in then World Cup 2010 ?
Answer: Depends on what you think. :)

Good Luck!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 7/10

Winning Chance: Slim


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