NESCAFE - Body Partner Contest [05July2010]

Closing Date: 7th July 2010
Contest Source: NESCAFE Body Partner
Contest Type:


- iPod Touch weekly (x4)
- Grand prize $1000 Cash

Need to register and create an avatar of your own and train her (e.g. running)

The training for each week is different. The more you train, the more points you will gain.

Highest points for that week wins the Apple iPod Touch.
Highest points through out the four weeks wins the $1000 cash.

It's pretty hard as most of the contestants have sky-high points already. And they seem to be SUPER-FREE.. playing non-stop.

But you still can try and challenge them.

Good Luck!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 6/10

Winning Chance: Slim


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