New Banner for Contest Empire!

Actually long before we have already intended to insert a banner for our Contest Empire, just that we couldn't find any which is better. We want to find something to do with prosperity and good luck. "Fa" or "Huat" mahjong tile is already used by other contest website.. later we thought of the "Zhao Cai Mao" or prosperity cat? but it was later used also ... was really hard. hem...

But later with come up with something... which is the "Huat Kueh" which we think is darn funny for a contest website banner. hahaha... Out of nowhere.. theres a "Huat Kueh" appearing beside our Contest Empire name in front of you. And it meant "Prosperity!". which is wad we want also ... but to make it abit funnier and cheekier ... we just put ONE "Huat Kueh" beside the blog name only! :P Hope it made you laugh!

We do have another idea of having something... but we will just keep u in suspense for the time being. Let this be something for a short laugh or sth entertaining for you. :P

So wad does "Huat Kueh" or Fa Gao" means?

Fa gao (发糕) is a Chinese cupcake-like pastry, most commonly consumed on the Chinese new year[1], that is made of flour (usually rice flour), leavening (traditionally yeast, but can be chemical leavening)[2], sugar or another sweetener, steamed (instead of baked), until the top splits into a characteristic "split top" of four segments[3].

The name of the cake means, literally, "prosperity cake", although it also means "raised (leavened) cake", the "fa" having both meanings, and its name being a pun. These cakes, when used to encourage prosperity in the new year, are often dyed bright colors.

So now you know...

Hope this "Huat Kueh" will bring Properity and lotsa Good Luck to you our beloved readers and fans who visit this site and win lotsa prizes from all the contests!

Let's "Huat" together!
Cheers! :)


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