Facebook Click "Like" Contest - Should you join ?

Here are some of our personal opinions to share... so that you.. our readers would think twice again before joining a contest like this.

We personally felt that by clicking "Like" to win a certain contest in Facebook doesn't really worth your time and effort. People can just easily create accounts and keep spamming on the Likes and its like never ending. And when you lose... all your time and effort in garnering the Likes are wasted. So in short.. 'no point participate in this kinda of contest'. Unless the winning entry is also based on other factors like picture quality or creativity, for e.g. 60% on No. of Likes, 40% on Picture Perfection, else you should NOT participate.

One of the good example is this IP MAN - The Legend is Born FB contest. Its not the first time we come across this kinda contest. To win the prize you need to have as many "Likes" as possible on the photo that you've submitted. The MOST Number of "Likes" Wins. But before you click "Like" on your picture, you need to click "Like" on their Fan Page. Contestants may or can just simply create accounts and click Like for themselves. Hence, the "Likes" are actually NOT Genuine in that sense.

IP Man FB even commented and hoped that they can cross 1000 Fans this week, but think again - they are partially Not Genuine. Hence, what is the point even if it crossed 1000 Fans? It's probably not what they want.. we believe. Nothing against IP Man FB, but we are just stating the Fact.

We know that it might not be easy to hold a contest... but here we just wanna inform our readers n fans not to commit their time into such contest.

Our rating for this contest is: Poor


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