YIG- Vote and win 5 iPads

Closing Date: 14rd May 2010
Contest Source: Young Investor Group
Contest Type: Online

5 X iPads to be won

How to Win an iPad?

Here are the Steps:

1. Look through the 5 Selected Website Designs at http://www.poems.com.sg/yig/yigvote/vote.html

2. Choose your Favourite Design

3. Fill in your Particular

4. Check your Email to see your Confirmation Code

5. Confirm your Vote Through your Email

6. Check the Lucky Draw Result on 18 May 2010

7. To Change your Vote, Simple Vote Again.

8. Increase your Chance of Winning!

Refer your friends to vote
Simply tell them about it and get them to quote your email address in the ‘Referred by’ box during voting submission.

Good luck!

Contest Empire's Rating
Prize worth it or not: 6/10

Winning Chance: Slim


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